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FILE 2017-08-29 12:54:08.273545 2017-08-29 12:58:11.464857 243 seconds 2.0-dev
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win7cuckoo win7 Clone 1 VirtualBox 2017-08-29 12:54:08 2017-08-29 12:58:09


File Details

File name 5c554d6997153dfa720c4d3cdb454214222fa83c.msi
File size 16384 bytes
File type Composite Document File V2 Document, Little Endian, Os: Windows, Version 6.1, Code page: 1252, Last Printed: Fri Mar 13 00:16:49 2009, Create Time/Date: Fri Mar 13 00:16:49 2009, Name of Creating Application: Windows Installer, Title: Installation Database, Keywords: Install,MSI, Comments: This installer database contains the logic and data required to install <product name>., Template: ;0, Last Saved By: ivaynsht, Revision Number: {17020777-B3DC-4E7D-9DEE-C47D540454D1}, Last Saved Time/Date: Sat Apr 8 01:59:31 2017, Number of Pages: 100, Number of Words: 0, Security: 0
CRC32 1972B3CD
MD5 e8e1c073c3c8f8c968fb89f5859c2772
SHA1 5c554d6997153dfa720c4d3cdb454214222fa83c
SHA256 7117c4c332aeb0421cddea383bb6c65f285677da4f0c80f16e472fcf9962dcfc
SHA512 84116a47272c46489ab35a8bde26d3994692ea6223c7c74e9fefcbf4b8712eb144b9c36031d26d6163f14dbfb39c3b6b8317855c7f82a6ddbbb755b7c1b008a5
Ssdeep None
PEiD None matched
Yara None matched
VirusTotal File not found on VirusTotal

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Metaflows Analysis Results (Signatures=50, Anomalies=0, PEiD=0, Yara=2, VT[1504025934]=0): Snort Events=0, AV Events=0
Total Score=50


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