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Category Started On Completed On Duration Cuckoo Version
FILE 2017-07-10 10:45:34.863371 2017-07-10 10:46:49.554088 74 seconds 2.0-dev
Machine Label Manager Started On Shutdown On
win7cuckoo2 win7 Clone 2 VirtualBox 2017-07-10 10:45:35 2017-07-10 10:46:46


File Details

File name c54a1d2d01ec97b302ee67d72f4a43c8bcda6bf5.zip
File size 1446 bytes
File type Zip archive data
CRC32 FE5AF116
MD5 9ff3269edeac572fe0a05e1764376baa
SHA1 c54a1d2d01ec97b302ee67d72f4a43c8bcda6bf5
SHA256 8ca9124cab652616352a7ae26b33d6207d4453b7ef357313a0b5ebbdb1cdf7f7
SHA512 ac49521279d025e0d6375fc757bd0b3c7631dde226f6bcea4e706436b2ddb500bafb11f23cfaeee02ddd6195f1240c418f9b2a81008701f978a312cd761e3b1c
Ssdeep None
PEiD None matched
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Total Score=2

File intentionally breaks sandbox processing and looks highly suspicious


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Behavior Summary


registry filesystem process services network synchronization

C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe PID: 460, Parent PID: 364


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